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Alabama Chicken Sliders with a Twist!

The Alabama Chicken Slider at The Smoke Co is dressed with a barbecue sauce that bends the rules....
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Bringing the Smoked Pork Ribs to Life

The slow and low-smoked pork rib at The Smoke Co. is a labour of love marinated in a secret spice rub! ...
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Grilled Eggplant Salad

High on crunch, this grilled eggplant salad is sure to please at your dining table. ...
Smoke Platter, The Smoke Co.

Trivia: Smoked Meat

Smoking meat dates all the way back to prehistory! Here's more on smoked meats....
Macaroni and Cheese, The Smoke CO.

Trivia: Macaroni And Cheese

Contrary to popular perception, Mac and Cheese is not an American but an English invention. Here's more on macaroni and cheese....
Caesar Salad, The Smoke Co.

Trivia: Caesar Salad

It was Caesar Cardini, a famed restaurateur who invented the infamous Caesar Salad! Here's more on the Caesar Salad....
Charcuterie, The Smoke Co.

The Smoke Co. Comes to Town

With a small menu that focuses on smoking of meats, The Smoke Co. has something going that Bangalore has not seen the likes of till now! ...