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Evoking Nostalgia: Together At 12th, Gurugram

This newly opened ‘freestyle’ restaurant at Le Meridien, Gurugram focuses on showcasing local, in season produce to create dishes that evoke nostalgia using unheard of flavour combinations....
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Food Born of Coals, Sand and Smoke

The signature element of the Arth kitchens is that they are entirely gas-free and this makes all the difference to their food says Executive Chef Amninder Sandhu. ...
Pluck, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, Farm To Fork

Restaurants that Farm

The Farm to Fork concept rekindles the belief that good, fresh food is not a distant dream in this age of commercialised farming. Here is a look at four restaurants that have their own farms and the work they do. ...
Burrito Boys, Griffith David

Burrito Boys

Here’s a a fast-casual restaurant that serves fresh, authentic Mexican flavours with a healthy spin. ...

A Mediterranean Makeover

Chef Abhijit Saha shares a peek into the exciting, revamped menu featuring unconventional Mediterranean dishes and the all-new look at Fava....